I was asked to write an article for Eat This! Charleston about the Lowcountry Local First Farm Tour.  It was so much fun!!  Corby, Walker, Nemo (our 11 year old Springer Spaniel) and I piled into the car and drove out to John’s Island where we met up with Ian, the photographer (his photograph is to the left and there are a lot more in the article) from Eat This!. Ian is a sophmore in high school and got into photography through the school newspaper, and he is extremely talented- I can’t wait to see where this kid is in ten years.  There were seven farms on the tour, and because of timing and the fact that we had Nemo with us, we only ended up going to five farms.  It was so interesting to see what an amazing impact of the whole “buy local, eat local” movement is having on these farms that might otherwise be out of business.  The best part of the whole thing was that each farm was serving some sort of food, and clearly, since I was writing an article, I needed to try everything that they had.  It was really tough for me when we got to the winnery and all they had was four fantastic desserts that we just had to buy and eat.  It was awesome.  Here is the article from the magazine- hope you like it!

And here is the picture of the pet Walker adopted at one of the farms.  He, of course wanted to keep him and his justification for taking him home was that we wouldn’t need to mow the grass any more!

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