I was asked last night if I went to the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Preview while I was in New York last weekend.  I did not.  I heard the preview catalogue was $300 and since I  don’t like magazines and really don’t like catalogues, I think that is a little on the ridiculous side.  Despite all that, if I had won the lottery, a nice little Elizabeth Taylor bauble would probably be something I might enjoy.  Who doesn’t need a $12,000 hand mirror??  So, since the Elizabeth Taylor catalogue ( is not going to be part of my Santa list, the only thing to take its place is the Le Creuset gift guide (  Yay!!  This is so much more up my alley- well at least for every day, reasonable, not ridiculous jewelry things.  There are some fantastic gifts on here in all price ranges.  In the $50 price range- the metal active-ball corkscrew is awesome.  My sweet friend who works at Le Creuset gave me one last Christmas, and I love it!

Another fantastic Christmas idea is one I got from The Bloggess ( if you don’t read her blog- you should.  I fall out of my chair laughing at her posts.  She is phenomenal, and I can’t wait until her book comes out this spring- you need to check her out!  Anyway- she said that for the past several years, she has gotten a whole bunch of toys and donated them to Toys for Tots in her parents name which, I think is pretty brilliant.  So, this year, she has four places you can donate to for the holidays.  Project Night Night ( is a great organization that provides a “Night Night” bag for homeless children that includes a book, blanket and stuffed animal.  The second is Toys for Tots (  The third is the The Heifer Project and I am going to re post what she put up about it because it so funny:

The Heifer Project ( Basically it’s about giving livestock and training to families around the world, because llamas are awesome.  Or something.  I don’t know.  I get confused after I see the llamas.  But I do know that they do amazing work and that you can buy a share of a goat for $10.  Which is great because you’re helping a family in need and you also get to tell your horrible aunt Frieda (who made you feel fat when you were 12 and won’t stop asking why you aren’t married yet) that for Christmas you bought a share of a goat in her honor.  The ass end.  Merry Christmas to everyone concerned.

The fourth is Wish Upon a Hero ( people can post what they need, and you can look up by all sorts of criteria including zip code and grant a wish to someone in need.

Well, just a couple of thoughts in this holiday season-  I need to start shopping!!


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